Aldian Fazrihady is a top-rated Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience on Upwork.

I like to solve my client's problems by developing cloud infrastructure automation.

I am more a backend developer than a frontend developer. However, an app is useless to end-users if it has no UI. If I have to code the frontend side, I will definitely choose React. For the backend, I almost always use Django. Sometimes, I use Flask.

With only $99/hour, your app will have automated tests and continuous integration/delivery with Jenkins. Your data will have automatic backup and be guaranteed to be successfully restored when needed. Your app will be easily moved to different cloud providers. You can also experiment to deploy your app to multiple different providers to compare its costs. Your app will also automatically scale when the number of app users grows.

In 2015, I started to learn about Machine Learning. In the process, I am very interested in the engineering of data pipelines, which try to automate data processing, to help improve ML inference result quality.

Since 2020, I am certified in several Google Cloud Platform professional skills:

I am also listed in this credential holder directory:

Many startups choose to use freelancers, so most of my clients are startups

The problem with startups is 90% of them failed.

I am quite proud of my work with the current client, as they are pretty successful to sell IoT integration to their clients, and I have made technical contributions to their success.

Here are my works for that client:

If you want my help to work on your projects, please type your message right on this page. Please make sure to enable JavaScript on your web browser to see the text box. You can also contact me via my UpWork page Thanks!